i hate times like this.

Every so often I get the feeling that I will definitely not end up using my degree, at least to work in the field I'm going in to. That doesn't really bother me, except that over the past few years, I've gotten the itch to open a restaurant eventually. Being an avid follower of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, I'm aware this isn't for everyone. A major disadvantage for me is that I will have graduated without taking any business related courses. An economics minor will help in terms of general principles, but really I should have signed up for the totally made-up Restaurant Owner major.

off topic:

Sometimes I think I'd like being in a band, then I'm struck by my total lack of experience, or at least singing in front of anyone except my family. Additionally I don't play any instruments, and I for sure have no desire to 'front' a band.....just to get into one. On the other hand, I know I can stay on key pretty good, but as for it sounding pleasant to anybody....that's yet to be seen (heard?). The next step would be to keep an eye out for bands looking to jam. It's that first step that's the biggest.

very off topic:

I'm getting restless and want to get on a plane to some foreign country with no return ticket. The Netherlands sounds good.


Kiki B. said...

Yes, run off to the Netherlands and never look back! I came here for the love of my life after we did a brief stint trying to make college work in the US - which, with the current state of the economy and minimum wage, is pretty much impossible. It's a fantastic place to live, and I can give tons of advice and information on the subject if you should want some.

And link away - my blog can always use it.

thayne said...

Awesome! In reality a vacation is more likely within the next few years, but you never know. Oddly enough, I have (very) extended family in that neck of the woods; Belgium last I heard. I'll keep checking your blog for Dutch miscellanea!