how do people do it?

I swear, I don't know how a month just went by. I'm definitely not a 'blog every day' person. Oh well. I just moved; that was interesting. I'll just sum that up by saying I'm in a much better environment (plus rent is cheaper and my room is bigger). I'm also super close to downtown, which is nice. I can walk to and from the bars! On a related note, all the snow is gone so I've finally been able to ride my bike all over. I'm still getting used to riding in traffic occasionally and still haven't quite found a good seat height, but otherwise the bike has been great. Eventually I'll want a helmet, and better splash guards, etc. Luckily there's no helmet law in town, and since speed limits are pretty much 25 everywhere it's not an issue.
I made some red curry last night; it wasn't quite what I wanted. I needed to get basil, lemongrass, fish sauce and other authentic thai condiments which I didn't have on hand. It was still ok. I got some plain yogurt and tomato paste; I'm trying some sort of tikka masala next. Delicious! For now though, I'm going to eat an english muffin and watch the office online until LOST COMES ON!! AHHH!!!

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