the beginning of the end

Job hunting is frustrating, especially in the dead of winter. It doesn't help when interviewers schedule a time for you to come in, then ask you questions they could have answered had they even looked at your resume. It's also fun to hear that their inattention to detail is such that until just that moment, they didn't realize you didn't have the experience they were looking for anyways. But on a lighter note, I feel free to use 'but' to begin a sentence. No, actually the real lighter note is that LOST IS BACK ON. The premiere was good, but it really did need to be two full hours. I'm too used to instant gratification with the DVDs I suppose. I like the flash forward they're doing now; it really doesn't ruin anything because the future that's flashed to is not the end of the time line. I hadn't noticed until i was reading some articles regarding tonight's episode that in the last episode of season three, Jack insinuates (in what we find out is a flash forward) that his father is still alive. Interesting. Whatever exactly happened with Michael and Walt anyways? Hopefully we see more of their journey off the island, or whatever actually happened. Anyways, I'm done nerding out about that for now, but if you haven't seen it, rent, borrow or steal the DVDs and get crackin'.

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